Removing Ants From Your Business

If you have noticed that there are groups of ants crawling around certain areas of your business, you will want to work fast at getting them removed before they are noticed by customers. An ant problem can escalate quickly if it is not handled efficiently. Here are some methods you can use to remove ants from within your business and some tips on keeping them from returning.

Ant Removal

The best way to have ants removed would be to hire a professional pest control service. An exterminator would be able to remove your ant problem completely by using pesticides within your business. You could opt to have them come in on the weekend or off-hours to do their process so it won't interfere with your sales or service. This way the ants will be removed without risk to humans.

If you decide to try to remove the ants on your own, you will want to find a fogger or spray that will kill ants on contact. This should be done when you know you have time for the results to work and so you have time to remove the dead ants before customers are back in your building. If you try using ant bait traps, you will need to wait for the process to work as the ants will need to bring the bait back to their nest. A combination usually works best to remove ants completely.

Keeping Ants Away

Make sure your business is clean. Consider hiring a cleaning service if you have trouble doing it yourself between working hours and rest. A cleaning service would be able to keep all crumbs from becoming an ant attraction. Regular vacuuming and wiping down of surfaces will be a big help in keeping ants from congregating.

Do checks of the exterior of your building for any areas that need repair. Ants can get into the smallest of cracks so you need to do a thorough check to seal these areas. Use caulk to seal any cracked exterior or replace boards or siding completely if the damage is extensive. Caulk around windows and doors to seal any gaps where ants can slide through. 

If you have any animals on the premises, make sure that you take up their food dishes between feedings. This should be done both in and outdoors to keep all types of pests from eating their food. 

Wood piles and downed trees should be removed from your property or moved to a far location. These can be used by ants as temporary homes. They would be able to easily crawl over to your building when they are in search for food. Relocating them will make the trip too far for the ants to travel. Talk to exterminators for more information.