Keep Spiders Out Of Your House The Natural Way

While many people are frightened of spiders, they are useful for keeping insect populations down. Instead of killing spiders in your house, consider encouraging them to move outside where they won't bother you. There are a number of natural solutions to keep spiders out of your house. Try several until you find the combinations that work for your particular species of house spider.

The Benefits of Spiders Around Your House

National Geographic says that a single spider will eat nearly 2,000 insects ever year. This includes the following pests:

  • cockroaches
  • silverfish
  • flies
  • mosquitoes
  • crickets
  • fleas
  • other spiders

If you have spiders living outside of the house, consider leaving them alone to do their job of insect control. Then you can focus on moving the spiders that have taken up residence indoors to move outside.

Poisonous Spiders Are a Different Matter

If you suspect that you have poisonous spiders in the house, don't try to remove them yourself. Call a pest control company to exterminate them. A bite from a poisonous spider can range from a mild numbing sensation to sharp pains and respiratory problems. The four poisonous spiders you may see in your home are:

  • Brown Recluse - Brown body with a violin-shaped mark on its neck.
  • Brown Widow - Tan to dark brown body with a bright orange or yellow hourglass shape on their abdomen.
  • Black Widow - Black body with a bright red hourglass shape on their abdomen.
  • Hobo Spider - Brown spider with V-shaped patterns on their abdomen.

Natural Spider Deterrent Methods

Essential Oils - Lavender, rose, citronella, citrus and cinnamon oils sprayed where you see spiders will get rid of them in the area. Spray around doorways and window sills to prevent them from entering the house.

Eucalyptus Leaves - Place these in closets, dresser drawers, and cedar chests to prevent spiders from settling into these areas.

Furniture Polish - The lemon oil in furniture dusting and polishing products deter spiders. Wipe on wooden door and window trim.

Alcohol and Water - Mix equal parts together and spray on the outside of the doors and windows to prevent spiders from coming into the house.

Mint and Chestnut Oil - Wipe around doorways, windows and porches outside. Spiders don't like the taste of these on their food.

Glue Traps - These are small boxes containing a sticky surface that attracts flies and small bugs. The struggling insects attract spiders, which also become trapped. These traps are a good way to collect spiders so a pest control company can determine if you have a poisonous spider in your house.

If you can manage to coexist with spiders living outside, you'll have a natural source of insect control. Use these home remedies to keep spiders out of your house and outside with their friends. (For more information, contact Hadley Termite & Pest Control Inc or another company)