About Getting A Home Inspected & Treated For Bed Bugs

Did a bed bug crawl out of your luggage when you were unpacking? It is a good idea to invest in getting your home inspected, as it will allow you to find out if there are other bed bugs before an infestation develops. Below, discover how an exterminator can inspect and treat your house for bed bugs.

How Can an Exterminator Assist with a Bed Bug Problem?

Before treating your home for bed bugs, an exterminator will have to locate where they are hiding. Bed bugs are not restricted to the bed, as they are also able to infest areas in a home such as wallpaper, curtains and furniture. Canines may be used for locating the bed bugs for a more thorough inspection. Canine scent detection is ideal because your furniture will not have to be moved to locate the pests. A dog will be walked around your home so he or she can alert the exterminator when bed bugs are found.

After the bed bugs are located, your home will be treated with a pesticide that can get rid of them in a timely manner. The pesticide will only be sprayed in the areas where bed bugs were found. Sometimes it is necessary for an exterminator to treat a home more than one time, but only when there are a lot of bed bugs.

Keep in mind that the exterminator may ask you to clean your bedding, curtains and vacuum before the extermination process begins. It is important for your home to be clean so the inspection and treatment process will be a success.

What Does it Cost to Hire an Exterminator for Bed Bugs?

The price charged for the inspection before your home is treated can vary, and it is possible that the inspection will be free. You can expect to pay an inspection fee that can average between $200 and $600. The price will depend on the inspection method, such as with the use of a canine. The cost for treating each room after the inspection can average $250 plus.

It is important to make sure you don't stay in hotels that are infested with bed bugs so they won't end up in your luggage again. Get into the habit of checking the creases of the mattress and furniture in hotels if you are a frequent traveler. Make an appointment with a bed bug exterminator like one from IPM - Intelligent Pest Management so your home can get treated before the pests take over!