How To Deal With Ticks

Ticks can cause a lot of problems for you and your pets. While ticks are more prevalent in wooded areas, they can also be found in grass, weeds and bushes in and around your own yard.  While ticks may not be able to jump or fly, they can still make their way onto your pet or you with little effort. Many times you may not know you have a tick embedded in your skin; this is especially bad since they can transmit Lyme disease. Learn how you can properly deal with ticks in this article:

Care for your yard properly

You want to make sure you keep your lawn cut low. The higher the grass gets, the more appealing it will be for ticks. Also, when wildlife walks through the lawn, it will be easier for the ticks to be transferred from that animal to the tall blades of grass.

You also want to keep your leaves raked and your bushes trimmed back as much as possible. Do what you can to keep wildlife out of your yard since they are common carriers of ticks. Try to limit the amount of wood piled in your yard and keep wood piles away from areas that are frequently travelled through.

Keep your pets safe from ticks

You should keep your dog's fur trimmed as short as possible so ticks can't hide in their fur undetected. When your dog comes in from the yard you want to check them over for ticks. Pay especially close attention to the warmer areas. These are areas ticks are most drawn to. Warm areas include behind their ears, in the folds of their legs and around their belly.

How to remove a tick properly

If any of your pets or the people in your home end up with a tick embedded in their skin, you want to remove the tick right away. To remove the tick, take a pair of tweezers and grab the tick as close to the skin as possible. You want to apply enough pressure to pull the tick out, but not so much pressure that you squish the tick. Pull the tick out in a straight and smooth motion. You need to make sure you get the head out so infection doesn't occur.

If you can't seem to control the ticks in your yard, you should call out a pest control company such as Aardvark Pest Control to treat the yard.