Getting Rid Of A Bed Bug Problem In Your Home

Bed bugs continue to be a problem in commercial businesses such as hotel and motels. But they are also a problem in apartments and condos as people carry them home with them from these businesses. The National Pest Management Association (NPMA) notes that nearly all of the pest control services they queried said they get routine calls for bed bug removal. If you suspect that you have a bed bug problem, get help from a pest control company right away before the problem gets worse.

Signs of Bed Bugs

These pests feed on blood and they feed at night. If you wake up with a series of small welts on your body, these might be bed bug bites. Check for blood spots on the sheets or tiny black specs which is bed bug waste.

These insects won't go far from their food source - you and your family. They can be in your mattress, beneath tables and chairs, and in the carpet or drapes. If you have a large infestation, you may find them in electrical outlets and switches. If you find a cluster of small white objects that look like grains of rice, you've found a nest.

Getting Rid of Your Unwanted Guests

You haven't gotten rid of your bed bugs until you get rid of both the adults and the eggs. You can get rid of the adults then have another bed bug infestation a few days later after the eggs hatch. The pest control services know where to look for these pests and their eggs so they can eliminate the entire problem.

Controlling these pests is a collaborative effort between you and pest control through a company like Heritage Pest Control. As they are searching for these insects, you need to launder your bedding, linen, and curtains, if possible. Vacuum carpets, mattresses, baseboards and around cracks in doorways and window sills. When done vacuuming, empty it outside in the trash. You may have vacuumed up eggs which can hatch in the vacuum and spread throughout your room again.

Getting Past the Social Stigma

For some reason, having bed bugs in your home has a worse social connotation than other insect pests. You may tell someone that you have an ant or termite problem, but it's likely you won't mention the bed bugs. If you live in an apartment or condo, you'll do the other residents a service by telling the landlord or property management company that you think you have bed bugs. These pests can easily move from one unit to another, extending the problem past your doors to where other people live.

Just consider that you would like to know if there was a bed bug problem in another part of the complex so you can take action to prevent them from visiting your home.