3 Tips For Preventing A Termite Infestation Before It Starts

It's easy to find information about how to get rid of termites, and there are plenty of pest control companies that are ready and willing to help you end an infestation. But wouldn't it be better to prevent an infestation before it starts? While there is no 100% guaranteed method of keeping termites away from your house, there are some common mistakes that make a termite infestation much more likely. These tips will help you avoid making those mistakes.

No Mulch Near the House

A garden is a great way to improve the look of your home's exterior, but not if it gives termites a way into your home. Termites like to tunnel in cool, wet places, and mulch provides the perfect cover for the little bugs. This may not be a big problem if you're mulching rose bushes at the edge of the yard, but when you're dealing with plants that are right up against the house, you're giving termites an easy way to travel from the cool wet mulch to your outer walls.

The only way to avoid inviting termites in is by creating a buffer zone. Keep the plants – especially those that need mulch – at least a few feet away from the house. Don't be fooled into thinking you're safe if you use rubber or gravel mulch – termites are just as happy to burrow under those. Just move the plants to be on the safe side.

Stack Your Firewood Correctly

Storing up firewood for use in your fireplace in the winter is just good preparation. However, if you pile up the wood on the ground and stack it right up against the house, you're creating a perfect environment for termites.

Wood left on the ground tends to soften and collect moisture, resulting in that cool, wet atmosphere that termites love. And if your woodpile is resting against your house walls, the termites have easy access to your home. Prevent termites from making a home in your woodpile by keeping your pile off of the ground and away from the house.

Keep Your Home Dry

There are all kinds of reasons that you want to prevent leaks in and around your house. Even a minor leak can cause expensive water damage if left to go on for a long time. If the water is leaking from a faucet or appliance, it can also seriously increase your water bill. Now you have another reason to fix any kind of leak around your house immediately – leaks create conditions that are perfect for termites.

That means that if your outdoor faucet that connects to your garden hose is leaking, even just a little bit, you're at risk for termites. Other risk factors include gutters that dump water onto the sides of the house, a leaky roof, and outdoor pipes that lead into the house. Seal up and correct anything that is getting your exterior walls or the soil close to the house wet.

If you're still concerned that you may be at risk for a termite infestation, go ahead and schedule an inspection. A termite control expert like one from Total Control Termite And Pest can look for risk factors and entry points and let you know what else you can do to keep termites out of your home.