Termite Problems: Questions And Answers

Having a termite infestation in your home can wreak havoc and cause thousands of dollars in damage if not treated immediately. Often, people don't realize they have a termite problem until it's too late. If you are concerned about termites, here is some important information you should know in order to protect your investment.

What Time of Year Do Termites Appear?

Termites can be seen in almost every month of the year but are most commonly discovered between the months of March and May. This is because the colonies emerge from the ground when the weather warms, looking for food sources. They are also out in warmer temperatures to begin building new colonies. During this time of year, be especially vigilant in looking for potential termite infestations.

How Can You Tell if There's An Infestation?

There are several ways you can tell if your home is suffering from a termite infestation. Check around the window sills and door frames, where many termites like to congregate. They can also be found coming out of wood piles or compost, as well as felled or cut down trees. If you see termites coming from the foundation of your home, you most likely have an infestation. It is important to note that sometimes termites can be eating away at your home from the inside, and there is no visible damage done for quite some time. 

Can You Treat Termite Problems Yourself?

You may have gone online trying to find the best method to treat termite problems yourself, but only a professional pest control company, like Xtermco Inc, can accurately pinpoint the root of the problem and effectively stop the termites from feasting on your home. Professionals not only know where to look for termites, but they also have the equipment and tools needed to inject special pesticides into these areas. In some cases, many gallons of the special pesticide must be used in order to completely get rid of all of the termites.

Are Termite Treatments Safe?

In most instances, the treatments used to eradicate termites are safe. While all pesticides should be considered somewhat harmful and treated with caution, the chemicals used by professional termite control companies are typically applied in the ground around the outside of the home and in places where humans will not come in contact with them. It is always advised that small children and pregnant women leave the home for at least a few hours while the treatment dries just to prevent any adverse effects.