Terminate Termites That Are On A Piece Of Wooden Furniture

Termites can ruin wooden furniture and infest other parts of your home if they're not eliminated quickly. If you own a piece of furniture that has termites living in it, learn how to get rid of them with the following, natural methods. Once the problem has been resolved, maintain the furniture so that it remains damage-free.

Citrus Oil

The d-limosene that is found in citrus oil is an active compound that will kill termites soon after they come into contact with it. Citrus oil emits a pleasant scent that lingers, and this product is a useful cleaning tool that works well on wood. Spray the furniture evenly with the citrus oil. Allow it to penetrate for a few seconds.

Pay close attention to the corners of the furniture and make sure that the oil is covering each one. Wipe the oil into the wood with a lint-free cloth. After the termites are gone, clean the wood with mild detergent that has been mixed with a little water. Wipe the wood off with a damp cloth when finished and dry the furniture's surface with a lint-free cloth. 


Remove the wood furniture from your home on a day that is sunny. Place the furniture directly in the sunlight for the entire day. Termites die after being exposed to sunlight for an extended amount of time. Before bringing the furniture back into your home, clean it well with soapy water and a cloth or standard wood cleaner. Dry the wood and set the furniture back up in your home. 

Boric Acid

Boric acid is a popular product that is useful for killing a variety of pests. When termites walk through boric acid, their exoskeletons will become damaged. As a result, they will die. This could take several days to occur. If the pests ingest the powder, their internal parts will suffer from damage, resulting in death, as well.

Place the piece of furniture on your front porch or under a covered area while you are treating the wood. Sprinkle a thin layer of boric acid onto any parts where you have previously spotted termites. Inspect the furniture after a few days. Once all of the pests are gone, wipe away the boric acid with a cloth and clean the furniture as you normally would. 

Keep all of these termite control methods in mind if you ever encounter a pest problem again in the future. As long as you keep the treated furniture maintained, it will last for many years and add beauty to your home.