Shoo Fly, Don't Bother Me! Getting Flies to Flee With Natural Methods

If you have noticed an abundance of pesky flies in your yard or home, you will most likely want to have them eliminated so you can enjoy your space without any annoyances. Flies are not only bothersome, but are carriers of disease. Their fast-moving nature causes them to spread germs from surface to surface easily, making it necessary to remove them right away to help keep your home from becoming completely infested with bacteria. Here are some natural methods you can use around your home to get these intruders to vacate the area for good.

Keep Your Home Clean

Flies are attracted to refuse and leftover food, making it a priority to keep your home in the cleanest condition possible to help keep it from becoming a fly breeding ground. If there is no source of food, flies will try to find it elsewhere. Make sure all food is placed in a refrigerator or container with a secure lid. Wipe counters with detergent and water after each meal preparation session to remove any scent from the area. Keep trash covered and bring refuse to a garbage can outdoors at the first sign of odor. Vacuum crumbs from floors daily.

Try Adding Some Darkness

Flies are attracted toward light. One way to rid your home of flies is to darken an entire room where flies are present by drawing curtains and draperies closed. Open a door so the sunlight outdoors is noticeable. Flies will naturally fly toward the doorway, possibly leaving the premises. Do this daily to eliminate any stray flies from within the home. 

Make a Vinegar Fly Trap

Fill a jar about halfway with apple cider vinegar. Place a piece of paper over the jar and use a rubber band to hold it in place. Poke a hole in the paper using the point of a pair of scissors. Flies will be attracted to the scent of the vinegar and will land on top of the jar to investigate. In many cases a fly will crawl into the hole to get a closer look. If they get too close to the vinegar while inside the jar, it will weigh them down so they cannot get back out of the jar to escape. Place these fly traps in any room or outdoor area around your home where flies are present.

Use Plants to Deter

Consider making small sachets filled with dried eucalyptus and bay leaves. Use old stockings or sheer socks to fill with the leaves. Flies do not like the smell of these plants and will stay away from areas where they are present. Flies also do not care for the scent of peppermint. Place a peppermint plant next to each of your doorways to keep flies away. Place a few peppermint leaves or drops of peppermint oil in a bowl in your kitchen area to keep flies away from your food preparation area as well.

If you find the fly problem is too much for you to handle, consider calling a pest control service to best rid your home of flies.