Ant Control: Cleaning Your Home Isn't Enough

If you suffer from an ant problem in your home, then cleaning your home isn't going to be enough. Even if you rid of the sugary substances that attract the ants in the first place, ants will still reappear looking for some source of food. Once you have had an ant problem, it usually means that there is a colony nearby and you will have to take more than one method of ant control to prevent them from reappearing again and again. Here's what else you need to do:

Locate the Entrance: 

Ants can gain easy entrance into your home if there are certain things outside of your home that lead them right to the structure. You will want to look for things such as ant tunnels, cracks on the walls, and bushes that touch your home that allow ants to easily climb up to cracks that may be higher up on the wall. Cracks should be sealed with sealant and you should remove any bushes or at least trim them so they are no longer making contact with your home. Finding tunnels can be more difficult, but if you hire a professional for pest control, you can be sure that they will find them and destroy them to ensure that ants cannot easily rebuild them again.

Locate the Colony: 

More often than not, ant colonies are located close to your home if you have an ant problem. However, there are some ants that will actually choose to plant their colony inside of your home's walls or even in the attic. In either situation, you will need to be sure that the colony itself is destroyed. If you are only killing the ants that are making their way into your home, more ants will still come from that colony. Hiring a professional pest control company will help with finding the location of the colony, and they will have the right chemicals and methods to destroy the colony fully. 

Lay Out Pesticides:

Instead of rushing to grab the can of ant spray that you have, you should instead lay out pesticide traps for ants. Pesticide traps attract ants because ants believe these pesticides are actually sugary foods that they can bring back to the colony. Once they pick up this pesticide, they will bring it to the colony and all the ants will be killed when the pesticide is ingested. This is a great way to kill most of the colony.

By knowing some methods that are more effective than just cleaning your home, you can see why hiring professionals will be necessary even if you are only dealing with ants and not larger pests. 

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