Rid Your Home Of Mosquito Breeding Sites And Learn More About Zika Virus

Americans increasingly have much to worry about mosquito bites because of the dangerous Zika mosquito breed that produces Zika Virus. People are getting quite jittery all over the country. There are things you can do to prevent Zika mosquito infestation from happening in your yard and community. The mosquitoes that produce Zika Virus have been identified in 30 states. Rid your home of mosquito breeding sites and learn more about Zika Virus.

Get Rid Of Mosquito Breeding Sites

Lower the possibility for mosquitoes to start laying eggs by removing all signs of standing water. Be aware that even a tiny amount of water settled somewhere can be used by a female mosquito to lay as much as 200 eggs. Look around outside your yard for tin cans or other containers left out in the open. They can catch falling rainwater and provide a site for mosquitoes to lay eggs. Often falling leaves from trees and other trash collections may stop drainage water from emptying. The water becomes stagnant and is an open invitation for mosquitoes to start laying eggs there.

Don't leave your outdoor garbage containers open. If rain falls and settle in those containers, mosquitoes will sneak in and lay eggs there too. Always secure your window screens and doors to make sure there are no holes where mosquitoes can gain entry into your homes. Mosquitoes do have a propensity for biting your legs. You can block them from doing so by wearing light clothing that covers up that area of your body. When you choose a mosquito repellent, buy one that contains oil of lemon eucalyptus or picardin. Those products are repellents that work well in driving away mosquitoes from settling on your body.

Zika Threats

When you've put into place all outside precautionary measures, learn more about how dangerous the Zika Virus is. Zika has some very serious health threats that you should become aware of, and particularly so if you have traveled to foreign countries with pandemic outbreaks of Zika virus. If you're pregnant, the Zika virus can cause your unborn child to be born with microcephaly. Microcephaly can leave your newborn with an abnormally small head and an underdeveloped brain and overall impaired brain function.

Blindness Caused By Zika Virus

The New England Journal of Medicine is now reporting that Zika Virus is capable of producing an eye infection called uveitis that results in blindness. Zika symptoms include eye redness and itching. If you experience those symptoms, see your ophthalmologist.

Take Precautionary Measures When Traveling Abroad

If you are planning to travel to foreign countries that are experiencing pandemic outbreaks of Zika Virus, arm yourself with recommended repellents. Wear lightweight outfits that cover your entire body, which will protect you from mosquito bites. Remember to take your insurance cards with you when you travel abroad.

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