2 Bed Bug Facts You Need To Know

Of all the different pests that can infest your home, bed bugs may be the most feared. Most people understand why these small bugs are so unappealing and terrifying. From the possibility of them crawling around on your linens while you are sleeping to the itchy, painful bites you may face if your home is infested with bed bugs, the reasons to worry about these pests are easy to see. With this guide, you will learn a few important facts about these pests, which will help you maintain a bed bug free home.

Not Just In your Bed

Because of their name, you may think bed bugs are found solely in beds. In reality, bed bugs can infest any part of your home, vehicle, and clothing.

Bed bugs do find dark cracks and crevices appealing. They also want to be near potential food sources, so they will prefer to live near humans and other living objects. Finally, bed bugs do not care if your home is clean or dirty, since they are not attracted to dirt or food residue.

If you are concerned about a bed bug infestation in your home, you can inspect your bed first to determine if these pests have become unwelcome guests. Make sure to inspect the under, on top, and the sides of your mattress and box spring. Bed bugs may also infest your headboard, linens, pillows, nightstand, and other furniture pieces in your home.

Also, check window treatments, rugs, and the molding between your carpet and walls for signs of bed bugs.

They are Small, but Visible

It is true that bed bugs are small, but they can still be seen by the naked eye. On average, bed bugs measure about 5 to 7 millimeters long, which is around the size of an apple seed.

If you spot the actual bugs, you have an obvious infestation that needs to be addressed. However, you may not actually see bugs, but an infestation will still leave behind signs.

If you have unexplained bites or sores on your skin, bed bugs may be feeding off you while you are sleeping. Small spots of blood on your bedding is also a sign of bed bugs.

A foul odor, which many people compare to a sweet musty small may also be present if you have bed bugs.

Living with bed bugs is not recommended. Therefore, if you have seen bed bugs or signs of an infestation, consult a pest control professional immediately because these pests reproduce quickly.