Removal Tactics to Rid Your Home of Spiders

Most people do not enjoy any type of pest infestation when it occurs inside of the home. If you have recently come across several spiders in your structure, taking action to remove them effectively is necessary to reduce the likelihood of a full-blown infestation.

Use a Vacuum Cleaner to Reduce Spiders

One efficient and cheap way to remove spiders from a household is to utilize your vacuum cleaner to do the job. Use your vacuum's attachment to suck up webs, spider sacks, and pests immediately. Be sure to throw away the contents collected as soon as you have completed the task so any stragglers do not make their way back inside of your home. 

Try Glue Traps If Ground-Dwelling Spiders Are Present

House spiders and jumping spiders tend to spend most of their time near floor-level. Glue traps work well for removing spiders found in this area. Spread out a glue trap on the floor in a corner or along the perimeter of a wall where spiders have been noticed. After you collect a few spiders, simply throw away the trap and replace it with a new one. 

Make Repairs and Clean as Much as Possible

To eliminate the possibility of spiders getting inside of your home in the future, you need to make repairs to areas along the exterior where breaches in siding, around windows or doors, or your chimney pose a threat. Invest in screening for your chimney to minimize pest invasions. Use caulk around windows and consider using door sweeps to reduce the gaps underneath them. Patch broken siding using caulk or pieces of wool or contact a siding specialist to replace broken portions of siding. Inside your home, do your best to keep it as clean as possible. This allows you to see areas where spiders hide as they are not obscured by dust and dirt.

Tend to Other Insects and the Spider Population Will Dwindle

If you not only have spiders in your home but insects as well, removing them will, in turn, cause spiders to seek out food in other areas. Pesticides work well at eliminating insects of all types. Spray a chemical agent made to kill off insects in your home at a time when no one is expected to be inside. This includes pets. Allow several hours to pass after application to reduce the risk of exposure to those living in the home.

If you are unsure about the process or if you would rather it was done professionally, contact a spider removal service for assistance.