What To Do If You Suspect An Animal With Rabies Is On Your Property

If you recently observed a wild animal, such as a raccoon, fox, opossum, or bat, that has been frequenting your property often, and they just aren't acting right, there is a potential that they have a rabid condition. Since rabies can lead to severe symptoms and requires medical intervention, quick action needs to be taken to reduce the potential for a confrontation with the animal. Here are steps to take if you suspect a wild animal has rabies on your property.

Contact An Animal Removal Service Immediately

The best way to minimize the chance of exposure to rabies is to have the suspected animal removed from your property by a professional animal removal service. When you contact a service, be sure to alert them of the condition of the animal so they are aware there is a possible rabies case to deal with. The workers that are dispatched to your home will use the proper clothing and gear needed to protect themselves while corralling the animal into a cage. This type of service also has the means to alert authorities in your area that testing of the animal is requested. 

Do Your Best To Leave The Animal Alone

While it isn't possible to lock yourself inside of your home the entire time an animal is in the vicinity, do your best to reduce the chances that you will run into the animal when you do need to go outdoors. Schedule your outings at times when the animal is likely to be sleeping or leave when you notice the animal has temporarily vacated your grounds. Do not provoke the animal in any way, but rather ignore its presence as you make your way to the interior of your home or your vehicle where you will remain safe.

Alert Others In Your Area And Remove Attractions

It is best to let neighbors know about the animal and your suspicion that it has rabies. This way they can make arrangements of their own when leaving or returning to their home. Consider setting up an information chain so each neighbor can alert others about the location of the animal if it is known to wander. This way, the animal removal service will have a better idea about where to set up traps to ensure a successful session. In addition, remove items animals find attractive from your property so the animal does not continuously cause havoc as you wait for the removal service to arrive. This includes open water sources, food products, and areas where sleeping can be conducted.