How To Tell If You Have A Termite Problem In Your Home

Termites are notorious for the massive damage they can cause to properties with their insatiable appetite for wood. Although they eat wood, the cellulose contained in the wood is what they forage for to feed their ever-growing colonies.

If you're a homeowner, you should vigilantly keep a lookout for the signs of termite activity in your home. Any issue that points to a potential termite infestation on your residential property must be looked into and dealt with accordingly to avoid potentially costly damage to the property.

Termite infestations manifest in many ways. You'll know you have a termite problem if you see the following signs:

Termite Mud Tubes

Usually found on the basement walls and along the foundation of a house, termite mud tubes are one of the clearest indications of termite activity in your home. Termites build these mud tunnels for travel and protection from predators. 

If you see thin brown mud tubes running along the foundation of your house or in the basement, this is a sure sign of a termite attack on your property. 

Flying Termites

Once termite colonies reach a certain capacity, their reproductive members leave to find suitable mates. Swarmers refer to termites that fly away from their original colonies for reproduction and expansion purposes.

If you spot small discarded wings on or near your residential property during the swarming season, it's best to get a termite inspection to determine if you have a termite problem.

Hollow Sounding Wood

Another way to determine if you have a termite infestation on your property is by tapping the exposed structural wood members of your house. If you hear a hollow sound while tapping the wood, that is a sign that termites may have bored holes inside the wood.

Visible Wood Damage

Sometimes, termite activity can be detected through a visual inspection of the wood elements of your house. If you can see the damage before spotting any termites, this is a sign of a serious termite problem.

The problem with termite infestations is that they can easily go unnoticed until extensive damage has occurred. The best way to keep termites out of your property is to get termite inspections from time to time even if the signs of termite activity in your home are not apparent. The experts at a termite control company near you can carry out termite inspections and offer effective treatment solutions if your home is found to have a termite problem. Contact a local termite control service as soon as you notice any of these signs.