Squirrel Invasion Signs And Elimination Strategies

There are many species of squirrels living in North America. These rodents typically live in groups and create habitats that often contain a protective barrier. Due to the chewing tendencies of squirrels and the frequent urination actions that they use to mark their territories, squirrels are thought of as a nuisance to many homeowners.

Problematic Signs

A residential structure can provide squirrels with many areas to nest. Squirrels that will be using a habitat for sleeping may build a nest that is not covered. Squirrels that are about to give birth or that are currently raising their young may build a nest that is covered by an overhang of some sort. The eaves on a home or the rafters within an enclosed residential space will provide squirrels with sufficient coverage.

A homeowner should assess their home for signs of squirrels. If they notice nests on their home or around their property, plus observe an abundance of squirrels moving about their property during daylight hours, there may be an infestation that needs to be taken care of. Animal droppings are also indicative of squirrels spending time on a residential piece of property.


There are many ways to eliminate squirrels and discourage them from entering a piece of property or home. These solutions range from applying herbal oils that are unappealing to squirrels to setting traps. One of the main factors involved in resolving a pest problem is determining what has attracted squirrels in the first place. If there is a lot of trash lying around outdoors or if a home is not structurally sound, rodents may take notice of these variables and be inclined to intrude.

Once any issues have been identified and resolved, pest control tactics can be implemented. A homeowner can use products that retail stores sell, but these items may be designed to eliminate and control small quantities of squirrels. For a large infestation, a pest control company's services should be sought. A pest control company will dispatch a team of technicians to a residence.

These professionals will inspect the outdoor property, the exterior of a residence, and the interior of a residence. After identifying the intensity of the infestation, metal traps and other bait stations may be used to lure squirrels. Sprays may be administered too. The sprays that are used for large rodents are usually used to deter animals and not harm them. Pest control specialists will consult with a client, concerning their trapping and rehoming methods.

For more info, contact a pest removal company.