Signs You Need To Call Pest Control Services

A pest infestation can be a nuisance, and the best course of action is to hire pest control services. Bugs and rodents can cause immense property damage if left uncontrolled. Other insects are bad for your health as they cause infections. However, most homeowners do not know when to hire pest control services.

Here are the telltale signs you need to call pest control services

Bite Marks

If you tour your home and notice torn furniture and bite marks, these are signs of rodent infestation. Rats and mice tear off fabrics to make nests. Similarly, they leave scratch marks on your furniture, walls, and the floor using their nails as they skit around. Other areas to check for bite marks include shelves and kitchen cabinets. If you observe gnaw marks in your home, hire a pest control company immediately. Assuming the matter will only cause more damage to your home.

Strange Smells

Each household has a unique smell based on the type of fragrance used. However, if you notice a strange smell in your living space, this signifies a pest problem. Pests have odd smells, such as ammonia from mice or a sweet smell from bud bugs. At times, the strange smell could be from pest droppings, rotting food collected by pests from your garbage, or dead pests. Hiring a pest control company can help determine the source of the strange smell and exterminate existing pests.


Pest droppings are an obvious indicator you have a pest problem. During your house tour, be keen to look for pest droppings in your basement, crawl space, and attic. Pest droppings demand that you hire pest control services immediately before the pest problem can worsen. Pest control companies asses the droppings to determine which pest they are dealing with and take corrective actions to keep these pests off your property.

Structural Damage

Wood structures on your property are a prime target for termites. Therefore, call termite control services if you observe tunnels and gnaw marks on the wood. Termites work rapidly and in high numbers, and failure to act could lead to serious structural damage. Hiring the experts on time can help prevent further damage by recommending treatment and extermination options.

Strange Sounds

Strange sounds in your home, especially at night, signifies pest infestation. Usually, these sounds include whining, squeaking, scuttling, and scratching. The sounds are from pests scavenging food or termites chewing away wood. 

Above are signs it's time to call pest control services. Hiring a pest control company on time guarantees safe pest extermination and peace of mind. The experts understand how to identify pests and handle different levels of infestation.