Essential Things To Know About Termite Control

Termites are unwanted insects in your home since they can destroy your wood. In this regard, you should implement immediate termite extermination measures. However, you must know as much as possible about termite removal to achieve the desired results.

Here are essential things to know about termite control

How to Identify Termites

You can easily mistake other insects, like bugs, for termites. Remember that incorrect pest identification may result in a persistent pest problem due to treatment inefficiency. To avoid this, here are the signs that you have a termite infestation:

  • Live termites. Termites are whitish or colorless insects with short and straight antennae. Also, flying termites, swarmers, or alates have four wings of equal size. These leave the colony to find new mates.

  • Mud tubes. Termites form mud tubes around your property. The termites move inside these channels, evading exposure to weather elements, including the sun's heat.

  • Frass or drywood termite droppings. The droppings may mimic sand grains, and you can find them outside termite nesting areas.

  • Wood damage. As termites feed on wood, hollows form. Tapping on damaged timber may result in a hollow sound. 

While these signs may help you identify termites, always get termite control services to inspect your property for accurate and speedy identification.

The Common Termite Control Methods

The various termite control methods include:

  • Chemical control. This method entails spraying chemicals or setting chemical baits that kill the termites upon ingestion. However, the careless application of insecticides may result in environmental degradation. Fortunately, professional termite control services know the safe chemicals to use and apply them correctly. This ensures effective termite extermination while protecting the environment.

  • Heat treatment. Exposure of termites to extreme temperatures may destroy termites at all stages of their lifecycle.

  • Biological control. Sprinkling or spraying natural compounds such as boric acid can eliminate termites. Also, you can release nematodes. These parasites can attack and feed on the termites around your property.

The Benefits of Termite Pest Control

The top benefits of termite control include the following:

  • Money-savings. Big termite colonies can cause massive property damage. Hence, you may need to repair or replace your wood structures, which is expensive. Timely termite control prevents wood damage, saving you from unnecessary wood repair or maintenance expenses.

  • Home value. If your home inspection reveals termite presence, this may lower your property's value as buyers may cater for termite control interventions. In contrast, your termite-free home may fetch higher real estate prices.

Knowing these essential things about termite control can help you manage termite removal projects confidently.