Home Association Board Member? Dealing With Pest Problems

If you are on the board of a home association (HOA), it may be up to you to deal with pest problems. This does depend on the state that you live in, so check your state laws to be sure. If you have noticed a pest problem or a pest infestation in your homes, condos, etc. you should hire an HOA pest control contractor. Keep reading to learn more so you will not have to worry about pest problems. 

Hire POA Pest Control

Homes, condominiums, etc. can get a variety of pests. If you have condominiums, these pests will often go from unit to unit quickly. This may be a problem with cockroaches, ants, and termites. You may also have problems with mice, rats, or squirrels that need to be taken care of. Some pests can damage landscaping causing you to make needed repairs. Rats and mice can chew electrical wiring and insulation causing you to pay even more for repairs. Termites can cause structural damage quickly if not taken care of. Your tenants may also become sick from different types of pests. 

The HOA pest control contractor will first inspect each home or unit to determine what type of pest they are dealing with. They will then come up with a solution to the problem. If the problem is cockroaches, they may spray to kill them. If the problem is with mice or rats, they will likely set up traps to kill them, as well as put poison outside or in the crawlspace to prevent the rats and mice from coming back. Squirrels often get into attics and can be trapped and then released or killed. 

Termites are treated quickly before they get out of control. There are termite baits that can be used to kill termites. The contractor may also put a termite barrier around the property or properties. 

Talk with Tenants

You should let all tenants know that you have a pest problem so they can be aware of this. You may have some tenants that are causing the pest problems and not aware of it. If so, you can determine this and tell them what changes they need to make inside or outside their home. 

You need to send out a letter or post a notice in a certain location. There may be laws in the way you have to make these notifications. You need to ensure you know these laws so you are not sued by someone. 

The HOA pest control contractor can give you much more information about pest problems and how they are dealt with. For more information on HOA pest control, contact a company near you.