A Guide to Professional Pest Control for Wasps

Wasps can be a nuisance for homeowners. Not only do they damage the exterior of your home with their nests, but their stings can also be very painful and sometimes even life-threatening. While there are various DIY ways to control wasps,  a professional pest control company uses effective strategies to inspect your property and remove wasp nests safely. They also advise homeowners on preventive measures to help them avoid future infestations.

Wasp Nests in Homes

Wasps can build nests attached to the exterior of your home or can infiltrate the interior of your home. These nests are usually composed of chewed wood pulp and saliva, resulting in a distinctive papery wall structure. They can be found in various locations, such as your house's eaves, attic spaces, wall cavities, or even underground. 

Identification of Wasp Species

Knowing the species of wasps that are infesting your home is crucial. Different species respond differently to different kinds of treatment. For instance, yellow jackets are more aggressive than paper wasps and hornets. A professional pest control company will first identify the species of wasps on your property and provide an appropriate treatment plan.


Before performing any treatment, a thorough inspection of your property is essential. A technician from the pest control company will be sent to your home to survey areas underneath eaves, overhangs, and other nesting sites. Identifying the nests' location and the infestation's severity is a crucial step in professional pest control.


Once the inspection is complete, the professionals will formulate a treatment plan that is specific to your situation. The treatment could include a combination of baiting, chemical sprays, and traps. In some cases, the entire nest will need to be removed. A professional pest control company will ensure the treatment is done safely, without harming you or your property.


Prevention is key to avoid re-infestation of wasps. A professional pest control company will help secure your home by sealing entry points that wasps could use to access your property. They will also recommend specific preventative measures that you can take to avoid another infestation.


Finally, it's essential to have a maintenance plan that includes regular inspections to ensure no new wasp nests have been established. A professional pest control company can schedule regular site visits to monitor the situation and perform any necessary treatments.

Professional pest control for wasps is the most effective solution for wasp infestation. It is safer and provides a more long-term solution to the problem. With their expertise and experience, a professional pest control company can handle any wasp infestation, regardless of the severity. 

For more information, contact a professional pest control service in your area.