How To Get Rid Of Mice In Your House

If you hear gnawing or scuttling in your walls at night, you might have a mouse problem. You may also notice a foul odor, see greasy trails, or find rodent droppings around your home. Mice may be cute little animals, but they have no place running loose in your house. They are very destructive and smelly, and they can spread diseases. Therefore, you want to take action even if you think your problem with mice is a minor one, or it could turn into a bigger problem given time.

3 Tips On How To Deal With A Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs can put quite the damper on your living situation. Dealing with bed bugs can be a difficult, but not impossible, proposition. Throughout the course of this brief guide, you will learn of just a few tips on how to deal with bed bugs. Use The Laundry As soon as you discover that you have bed bugs, it's important to wash all of your cloth based items. Although it is a myth that bed bugs thrive in dirty areas, and thus it is important to clean in order to get rid of bed bugs, putting bed bugs through the laundry can certainly deal some damage to them.

Surprising Ways Pests Can Enter Your Home

Pests can enter your home in some surprising ways. Listed below are some of the entryways along with how you can easily avoid pests gaining access to your home. 1. Grocery Bags Before your food ever arrives at the supermarket, it passes through a variety of environments where pests abound. Warehouses, docks, and back storerooms often can't be protected against every single little pest or the eggs they lay. Your grocery bag then comes from the store to your home, where tiny, almost invisible larvae that are in the bags can hatch into adult pests right inside your pantry.

Bed Bugs In Your Toddler's Room? Get Rid Of The Pests With This Information And Tips

Bed bugs can be bothersome and potentially dangerous pests, especially if they infect your toddler's room. Although bed bugs aren't known to transmit dangerous diseases to humans, the pests may cause allergic reactions in some people if the bed bugs bite them. If your toddler scratches their bed bug bites, they may be vulnerable to bacterial infections in the skin. The shed skins and feces of bed bugs may also cause respiratory problems in your child if they inhale them.

That's Gonna Leave An Odor! 2 Easy Ways To Get Skunk Spray Off Your Dog

A skunk invaded the crawlspace under your home. Unfortunately, your dog was on the receiving end of the spray before you could contact an exterminator. Now your dog smells like skunk and you can't get rid of the odor. Don't panic. Here are two easy ways to clean your dog and get rid of the foul odor. A word of caution: before you start the clean-up process, be sure to put a pair of gloves on.